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 Who is eligible to try out for Sac State Cheerleading?

Incoming freshman or transfer students who have been admitted into the University, and full-time undergrad or graduate students who are in good standing with the University

Do the squads consist of Coed teams or are they all female?

We currently have an ALL GIRL squad. We are opening to males joining the program at anytime. 

How many members are typically on your teams?

35-45 cheerleaders 

Do you offer any partial or full scholarships for cheerleaders?

No.  At this time there are no scholarship opportunities.  

When are Tryouts?

Sac State has one tryout in early May every year.  Incoming freshmen are able to tryout at this time prior to graduation.

What type of tumbling is required?

Our first responsibility is to our University and we are looking for great CROWD-LEADING CHEERLEADERS.  Most Sideline Cheerleaders have a range of tumbling skills and a select few have none.   For "on the mat" competitors we will require standing backhandsprings and tucks by Fall.

Are the Sac State Cheer tryouts open or closed to friends and family?


What are the responsibilities of being a Sac State Cheerleader?

Sac State Cheerleading is a major time commitment for both the fall and spring semesters.  The cheerleading year begins in June with our first practice, and does not end until April.

Team practices 3 days per week, for 2-3 hours.

Spirit squads cheer at all home football games, volleyball games, home men’s and women’s basketball games, perform at various on-campus pep rallies, perform for various community and school events, and participate in volunteer services.

What are the additional benefits to being a Sac State Cheerleader?

FREE Tickets for all home football games

PRIORITY Registration for classes

Meal stipend while traveling

What type of scholastic support will be offered to the Sac State cheerleaders?

Cheerleaders will have access to the academic supports (advisors, tutors and private study halls), counseling services, and much more!

Do your teams compete?
YES! We compete at the UCA Collegiate National Championship Competition in Orlando, Florida in January & the all-girl team competes in the new emerging sport STUNT February through May!
On what kind of surface does Sac State practice?  Compete?
We practice on a foam cheer mat floor.  The UCA Collegiate Nationals are also on a foam cheer mat floor.
What will be the makeup of the competitive cheer teams?
All Girl will compete with 20 females on the mat.

GAMEDAY will compete with 30 females on the mat. 
STUNT does not have a limit. 
Will I need to schedule my classes around practices?
Yes.  You will be advised in your departmental area of study.  You will then need to look at classes offered and put together a schedule that works around our practice schedule. 
Will I be required to live on campus? In a specific residential hall?
No.  Cheerleaders are not assigned dorms or required to live in any specific housing.
Do I have to be accepted to Sacramento State before I can tryouts?
We prefer that all candidates present a copy of your acceptance letter prior to tryouts.  We will, however, accept proof of acceptance in the form of a letter or phone call from admissions if this letter has not been received prior to tryouts.  ALL POTENTIAL CHEER TEAM CANDIDATES SHOULD APPLY  NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 30 of the previous year.
.Does your program handle requests for outside appearances?
Yes, we do a number of cheerleading and mascot appearances at schools, non-profit and corporate events annually.  To request and schedule an appearance with the cheerleading program, please contact the Director of Cheer at​


If you have a question that is not answered above? Send us an email.

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