Interested in trying out?
Please complete by April 1st, 2022 to receive an invitation!

  • Fight Song: Must be completed with Jump/Tumbling Skill along with a Stunting Skill at the end

  • Sideline: Must display crowd leading skills and strong motion technique

  • Tumbling Skills

    • Standing back handspring 

    • Standing Back Tuck/2 to tuck/2 to full

    • Running BHS 

    • Running Tuck/Layout/Full​

  • Stunt Skills:​

    • Top Girls

      • Straight Up Stretch (required)

      • Full down dismount (required)

      • Any spinning/flipping skills

    • Bases/Backspots

      • Straight up stretch (required)​

      • Any spinning/flipping skills

    • Males

      • Walk in skills (required)​

      • Toss skills (required)

Tryout Skills